Doctors with the German Approbation

Doctors with a German degree have many reasons to work with us. We offer free consultancy regarding job development, we find short notice positions as specialists or chief physicians, we do placements in every German state or in the Arab Gulf States, and we find opportunities for doctors to go abroad as visiting doctors. Additionally, we assist with all bureaucratic issues.

When deciding the next step of your career, many questions might arise.

How can I prepare for the interview?

How can I master additional skills?

How do I know if this institution is the right place for me to reach my professional goals?

Should I choose a university hospital, a teaching hospital, maybe a smaller more local institution or in the big city?

How do I know how much I can negotiate for better salaries and benefits?

Should I start my own private clinic or buy a stablished one?

Can I have several practices in different places? Are there companies that can help me manage these practices?

With thirteen years (2004-2017) of experience and our established network of attorneys, tax advisors and banks, we are qualified to offer excellent consultancy services for medical personnel in order to guarantee that you make the right choice.

We are happy to help you clarify all your open questions and we are enthusiastic about finding you a workplace that can fulfill your expectations and future goals. We can find you a perfect fit within 1 week!


Whether you are in Germany or outside, we offer consultancy to find your dream job and also the following:

  • Application and Methods for getting the German “Specialist Certificate” in any specialty (Facharzturkunde)
  • Registration with the Medical Chamber
  • Exemption from statutory pension insurance and registration for medical care for Doctors. This will bring you many benefits when you are in retirement age.
  • Registration with a legal health insurance company for you and your family
  • Legal advice on the employment contract
  • Request the tax ID from the tax office
  • Tax advice and tax declaration for 2 years for free
  • If you have the desire to own a practice, we will not only provide you with advice, but will also help you take over an already existing practice without personal investment. This option is offered by us in cooperation with regional Associations of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, physicians, banks and city administrations.
  • Welcome pack
  • Support for moving from your current country to Germany
  • Organization of an apartment
  • Support for childcare
  • Dual Career
  • ...and much more!