MeineAgentur24 has been active in the medical care sector in Germany for more than 14 years. Thus, we have a very strong relationship with hospitals, clinics, centers, doctors and universities in the country.

Our team of very experienced professionals is prepared to go the extra mile to guarantee that you find your dream job.

Our services also include:

Application for the license /Approbation

Applying for your license with the competent administrative authority.

Registration at the competent medical chamber

Physicians are obliged to be members of a medical chamber.

Tax advice and and tax declaration

We offer 2 years of tax advice and tax declaration for doctors that work with us.

Exemption from statutory pension insurance

Helping you to look ahead on your retirement and preparing for it.

Personalized Customer Supports untill obtaining the "Facharzt" certificate

Trainings, seminars, workshops, completion of logbooks as well as private affairs, e.g. Relocation service and family care belong to our tasks.

Special partnerships to allow you to own a clinic without personal monetary investment.

We offer you legal advice for taking over an already stablished practice without any personal investment. This option is offered by us in cooperation with medical associations, physicians, banks and city administrations.

The most important insurances for professional start

We give you an overview of which professional insurances are indispensable to start a career and what you should pay attention to when taking out an insurance policy.

Decision for a professional association

Most doctors in Germany are members of a professional association, we help you choose and apply.

High salaries

Doctors in Germany are very respected. As an assistant, your salary tends to be at least 3.200,00 Euros/month up to 4.800,00 Euros/month, depending on your experience. As a specialist the tendency is to earn at least 5.360,00 Euros monthly and the sky is the limit! Consultant normally begin earning 8.500,00 Euros per month and a Chief of Department will probably not earn less than 15.000,00 Euros monthly (salaries always depend on job specifications, experience and institutions).

Benefits of the Preparation & Coaching Program:

  • Consultancy and support regarding all necessary steps to receive the visa type D-§17a. AufhG for Germany. This visa allows you to study and work 10 hours a month.
  • Mastering the German language.
  • Teaching habits and customs of Germany to make your integration easier.
  • Preparation for the official medical language examination and the patient communication test.
  • If you successfully complete the course, you will be placed as a doctor for free.
  • Registration with the compulsory health insurance.
  • Legal advice in regards to your employment contract.
  • Tax advisory and compliance services - free for two years.
  • If you want to establish your own clinic, we will offer legal advice for free or help you to take over an already existing clinic without having to invest anything. This possibility is being offered by us in cooperation with regional Associations of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, doctors, city managements and more.
  • Two years of free consultation services regarding all kinds of matters, professional or private.
  • You do not have to pay for our services or the recruiting. Those services will be paid by your future employee, you only pay for the preparation course.